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Random rambling

Oh, I'm physically so tired and achy but my mind won't shut up. I'm trying to work on a CSI fanart project, but I feel a little bitb stuck, so I might put it off for while. Mik and Raffi where here this afternoon, we didn't really do a lot, except sit outside on the patio, play chess and talk. We also watched a &TV documentary that among other schools featured also the one I have attended for the past two years. The school direvction is so not going to be happy with that. Private schools depend on their reputation and the principals was already furious last year when a big newspaper ran a critical article about the school. In the documentary, the students were portrayed as spoiled and fun-loving, which for a part might be true, but it isn't neraly as bad as they made it look. Luckily I was only in the documentary as part of a crowd doing a morning run through the school park. They showed Sebo's mess of a room, you could see the beer cans in the corner. Hehe.

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