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  • I caved and signed up for April's Fools. Not sure about my word goal yet. It's going to be something reasonable. I'm in w writing mood lately, but I need to concentrate on school.


  • Exhaustion is a constant problem. When I take a day off from stimulants, I do nothing but sleep and maybe watch TV. I only have four more days of stimulant left, but probably won't get any more until the 6th. Not happy there. 


  • School work is dragging along. I need to work more on it. It's going too slowly, at that rate, I'll never get to the revision part. I'm still doing homework and there is no end in sight. 


  • Part of the reason for the slow progress on the homework especially in the last few days was my fic for the lantisficathon . I wrote it, it sucked. I rewrote it, it still sucked. A beta had a look at it, had quite some suggestions but tried to change the fic into a direction that I didn't want it to go. It just isn't working out. And the best is, the fic stops in almost mid-action. It was supposed to be open ended, but it reads more like it's missing the second part. As non-spectacular my other fics are, this one is particularily bland. I don't think, it's bad. I might try writting a conclusion, just to see how it turns out.


  • Instead of wasting my time with fics that I don't even want to be writing, I'm itching to get going with Photoshop. Thanks to Amazon and certain family members with criminal proclivities (those must be hereditary), I have DVD material to make nice caps to work with. That muse is still in there somewhere. No if the CD where I backed up the Photoshop brushes is also still somewhere, things are even better. I changed to the latest version of Photoshop and since then am without the brushcollection. The last thing I did with Photoshop was Christmas flyer for a jeans shop.


  • DVDs and non fiction books are my weakness. I'm just too busy to watch and read. I'm hoping for summer. As in the summer break after next term to catch up with everything that got left over in the smaller breaks. Although Sophie claimed that the last term of 1st year isn't took bas since it's very little new material and just a lot of revision. I just suspect that I will be very busy with the revision. At least as busy as I can be.


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