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More bullet points

  • discovered new tasty protein bars, also discovered microwavable sugar-and-wheat-free cake mix that actually tastes good


  • got my AlphaSmart yesterday, but I don't have the cable yet to connect it to the PC. That has not stopped me to write two stories on it so far. The only downside so far. It clicks very loudly when typing on it.


  • finally finished the fic for lantisficathon. It's not up yet, still waiting for posting access. I might go to bed, I'm really tired. Damn Topamax. Lately I'm always dead tired by ten.


  • did nothing but eat, sleep and write fic all day. Well, until  3 p.m. I did nothing but eat and sleep, but after then it was all writing.


  • the CD I gave my Dad for his birthday was a total failure. His comment: "I managed to get through the first song, but I had to turn it off when the second one started." I should have gotten him a bottle of vodka.


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