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It's moving ahead, but slowly. After several lay days, I'm getting back to it. Still on the Physics homework. Out tutor has emailed us with more questions to do for next term. The total is up to 9 questions now. I have done six now, at a rate of about 1.5 per day. That's with learning the new material and making notes, file cards, etc. at the same time. All the questions are about material not covered in the course. Still, there should be more I do. Bro studies 5 hours a day for his exams, and I have upcoming ones as well (granted they are less important than his).


I have too many plot bunnies. Maybe it's my brain trying to procrastinate its way out of studying, but now that I don't have to write any fic, I really have to get into gear with the work. (I know it's silly to stress out because of a ficathon, but I'm not a quitter, I finish the fic I start for it, even if it takes me ages.). AF is going pretty well.

5,214 / 20,000

I could have chosen a higher goal, but then I would have had even more of an excuse not to study or do all the other things I wanted to do this vacation. (List will probably follow).

Side effect city:

Very, very exhausted lately. Before 3 - 4 in the afternoon, I sleep, read email and doze. By 10-ish, I'm dead again. I have to beg to doc for another prescription for the stimulants next weeks. Good thing the college doc isn't that reluctant to prescribe them. Still, I should maybe change stimulant, but I'm pretty much on the only one that is at least not yet proven addictive /sarcasm.

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