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The Essay

The dreaded essay will be written today. I have been pushing it off for weeks, I have made the notes for it at the beginning of the vacations and hardly recall what the reading was about. Still the content won't be the problem. I have twelve pages of detailled notes which cover most of the points mentioned in the assignement sheet.

This essay, on descriptive chemistry of the main group hydrides, halides and oxoi-acids will be seventh essay written for that particular tutor. Technically, the task of reading up on a subject and writing about it in an essay cannot be too difficult, at least with a basic grasp on the language and the subject of the essay. One should think that, whith a proper investment of time and effort, it would not be too difficult to produce at least a decent essay. It appears to be more complicated. I have yet to figure out, what the trick is. The best essay I've written so far got the comment 'good effort'. It was most;y copied from the textbook. We can do that for the essay. Most people do it. The difficult part is finding a suitable book to copy from. For the current essay, I can only copy a few passages from one of my textbooks. But we have to write a comparision, so most of it is going to be my own writing effort.

Enough procrastinating, I need to get going.

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