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I'm done with the essay. I'll take a break and then do some more org. chem. revision. There is not that much that I can get done now. The exam is on Friday or Saturday and I'll be pretty busy until then. It's just a desperate last minute effort. Last time it worked in Physics (or I knew more than I realized before the last day revision).

But anyways, the final exams are still around seven weeks away and I'm more busy revising for them, because I'm interested in passing them, failing the ones this week doesn't matter. The realist in me knows that with my academic track record, passing would be a surprise to say the least, but it's not over until it's over. But, borrow minttown1's terminology, even if I lose I win. In fact I have already won in a way. Everyone I know didn't think I would last the first term, and now I'm about to start my third term.

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