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arrived back in Oxford today

there was a meeting. It's s going to be a lot of work this term. We even got new assignments due on Monday (we write exams tomorrow and on Saturday, so I guess the work is for Sunday, but who needs a weekend)

very nauseous, only kept down breakfast today. Now I'm hungry and still feel sick.

there isn't going to be a maths exam. The one subject I revised for. Damn. Instead there are going to be three hour exams in Physics and Inorganic Chemistry. At least there won't be a Biology exam. I have no clue about the stuff we did last term. It was all about DNA, that is about all I know.

The guy who set us the essay, the one I made 12 pages of notes for and that is twice as long written out, he is on sabbatical.

there is going to be stuff on the Physics exam that we didn't cover. The tutor actually told us that today. (he is the one who made up the exam, although he probably just pulled an old one out of the drawer)

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