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First day of exams is over. Two exams done, one left to go.

This morning was not shockingly bad, but had no good surprises either. It was inorganic chemistry. The compulsary section with five questions sucked pretty much, I could do the first two, bits of the third and pretty much none of the fourth and fith. Choice was better. We were supposed to do two out of three, I did one out of three, but that went well. Overall, I don't think it's 40%. I think I have maybe 40% - 45% on the choice section, unless I messed up somewhere, but I doubt that the compulsary was enough for 40%, I'd guess more like 30 or less. I started the guessing early on.

The afternoon session was much harder concentration wise. I doodled a lot on the scrap paper and my mind kept plotting a new fic. It was organic chemistry, all choice, four questions out of seven. My concentration lasted for about three questions, I did a fourth one, but it ended up rather random towards the end. I handed the paper in early. Now, I don't go out of my way to cheat, but given the opportunity to do so, I don't hesitate. For the afternoon session I was sitting face to face with Peter, one of the guys from my year. He chose mostly different questions and answered them in a different order, but we both started with the first question. (these are college exams which our tutors get to make up at the start of every trimester if they want to. Or they can leave it like the math tutor did this term. The whole college sits in the dining hall to write their papers, hence the stupid seating arrangements). On the whole, the exam is hard to judge. I think it went better than the one in the morning, because three of the four questions had no major problems in them, only the fourth one was not really something I knew about, but I thought better to do something as a fourth question than to leave at three questions.

Met up with Em over the lunchbreak. We didn't have lunch due to a mutual cause of nausea but caught up on vacation events. We're considering, signing up for a sport for the last trimester. There are some sports things to sign up. I used to do a lot of sports, but with exhaustion and soreness from the meds, I have been letting it slip for like the last year or so. The sport habit is a relic from boarding school where every day started with a run through the park and included 90 minutes of sports in the afternoon. Although fairly talentless, I was always earger to get moving since I used to put on weight easily. I played volleyball, hockey and ran long distance and sucessfully never got fat. (and I slept 5 hours a night instead of 14 hours. I want my life back right now, but that's an entirely different rant). But, and you may correct me, I think a fast proportion of the female population would not exercise if it was not for weight issues. Seriously, if exercise had no influence on weight whatsoever, would most of the women who do it, still hit the gym as often as they do? Sure, it's stress relief, but I also get stress relief reading good fic and taking a nice hot shower. It might be that Em and I just lack true sports spirit, but without weight concerns we find ourselves not very motivated to work out regularily. We might still settle on swimming, I doubt we'll go for aerobics. My sense of coordination wasn't made for that kind of thing.

Totally random:
There is the new lecture schedule.

4027 unread emails in the inbox. It's tempting to just delete them all.

18,906 / 20,000

Getting closer. Another chapter of Good Intention should be ready to post tonight.

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