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I know I wanted this

Dead and nowhere near done. This is insane, but I'll get used to it. But right now, when I look at my schedule for the next few weeks, I just want to cry. The lecture are okay, they are going to be a chore because they are in the morning, but that is nothing new. But we have a load of tutorials this term, it's even worse than last term. Four for next week and the previously postponed maths exam. After the physics exam on Saturday was a real disaster, I'm seriously discouraged, especially since I have no time to revise. The assignment pile is close reaching mountain proportions. All things due for the tutorials next week. I'm not even done with what's due tomorrow at noon. I'll try to get up earlier and get at least a bit more done, but me and getting up earlier doesn't go together very well. The reason that I didn't get very much done this weekend was because I slept both Saturday and Sunday afternoon. I didn't want to, but I was completly exhausted by lunchtime.

Tomorrow, I finally need to unpack. But now I need to sleep.

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