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After filling six boxes with things, I still have more than enough to fill up my suitcase on Sunday. It will all fit in somewhere. *nods with confidence*

Tomorrow I have to get up really early. I have a appt. at the college doctor's at 9.30 a.m. . At the moment, I don't quite see the point of bothering with this, i.e. no dropping out, but temporarily withdrawing (at least officially) on medicial grounds. Should I decided to, I could come back in a year or two in start again at the beginning of Trinity term in first year. I don't think I will, but it's a long time away. So I'll go to the college doc tomorrow, get it over with and get the official paperwork for school.
I'll have to call the shipping company tomorrow to have them pick up the boxes on Friday (on that matter, I still have to fill out the customs declaration - fun, fun! Moving between countries can be a hassle) I'm looking forward to having it all done and getting home.

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