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And now because I love lists and plans and because I really need to get this listed somewhere.

Sharks (working title) CSI Miami - carolinecrane is to blame for this one. She had this poll that produced the plot bunny of new guy being killed in a shark attack (arranged by Delko). It works better as a story. Honestly. Still it is not meant to be a serious fic.

Good Intentions - Stargate Atlantis - This one is a posted WIP that seriously got out of hand. It started out as a one-shot darkfic that didn't resolve the situation it created. I then developed a plot for a four-parter that would have turned out nice. I wish I would have stuck with it. I'm not happy with what I have going on there now. After some consideration, I have figured out how to wrangle to plot into submission, but this is not a story I'm happy with. Maybe two more chapters to go on this one.

Space Pirates - Stargate Atlantis - I'm not even going to pretend that this posted WIP is a good fic. But I'm having fun with it. A lot of fun. I started off with a rough plan here, allowing for quite a bit of modification along the way. A few more chapters more to go, but all plotted out.

The Prophecy, The Journey, The War, The End of Time - Stargate Atlantis - Partially posted four parter. I haven't done any work on this since the winter holidays. Partially because canon really ran over the central elements of the plot. I haven't seen the episodes as I have only seen SGA up to 'The Defiant One' , so from my point of view it fits with what I have seen, but I know it contradicts what we later learn about the Ancients and the Wraith. It probably contradicts it in more points that I know about.  But it's still on the active fic list, I have done some more tweaking on the plot recently and might just finish it in spite of AU-ness. Any fic written very early on taking on backstories is bound to be AU in some points.

Zocchihedron - Stargate Atlantis - Future fic, set on Earth. Not sure whether that will ever be ready to post. I'm having a hard time with an original character for this fic.

Mpreg challenge fic (working title) -  Stargate Atlantis - Exactly what the title say. Someone one one of the lists posted an mpreg challenge. The point is basically to write a cliche-less mpreg fic (aloing with several other challenge requirements - angst, realism?!, jealous!Elizabeth, terrified!Rodney, pregant!John, etc.) . I can do cliche-less. I don't say it's going to be good. But it's going to be original. So not a serious fic. But so far fun. The research at the Mpreg-archive alone was worth it.  Besides, this should be a once in a lifetime thing ;)

Flickers (Working title) - Stargate Atlantis - AU. My take on what happens at then end of season 1. I haven't seen the season finale, but that hasn't stopped me so far. It's coming along nicely.

These fics have been put on ice but I still plan on continuing them sometime:

Sam's Ex-Husband (Working Title) Without a Trace / Law and Order (minor) - I have quite a bit of this one written, but thankfully never posted any of it. I wrote it for AF 2004. The charcaters developed a strong life on their own. I let Sam and Martin have drinks together and suddenly they had wild sex (I wrote that before season 3), Danny hooked up with the mob and Jack was getting a divorce. Viv was the only one actually on the case. And well, there was Sam's ex-husband showing up.

Caina - Stargate Atlantis / EFC - Fully plotted out down to individual scenes on about a eighty pages (this is epic), but then abandonned because this crossover clashes in too many points. Although some stuff can be technobabbled away as many of our favourite shows often do that, other points can't. Still I have only written one EFC fic to date and I would love to write a second one.

Antenora - Stargate Atlantis - Posted WIP mystery type fic that just got stuck. I have an idea where the plot  should be going, but its not really moving for some reason.

In case anyone has noticed, Antenora and Caina are indeed refernces to the same work of literature. Both are from La Divina Comedia.

Those should be all the fics that I have going at the moment

That was the distraction that I needed. I've been feeling off those last few days. It might just be the situation. I'm trying to take it one day at a time. Still sometimes it seems all too much to handle and I'm still at odds with my failure at college education.  And I haven't even dealt with my parents yet. I don't think they'll be angry, but probably there will be disappointment.

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