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Personal early summer challenge May 16 - July 16. I'm not really expecting to get that much written, it's more like wanting to see how much I get done. I hope to get some more writing done later on. I worked on my writing this morning, but it wasn't so much actual writing. I did some outlining for the mpreg challenge fic (still haven't got a title for it). Then I did some medical research for the next chapters of Space Pirates. Those used medical textbooks that I bought a while ago are a handy resource (and interesting reading. The purchase was somewhat mania influenced as I spent way too much and when I'm manic, everything gets my attention, but only for a short time. Still, I'm pretty happy with the books. Thankfully my parents have stopped asking about the choice of articles in mania inspired shopping escapades).
More fic considerations. A decisive chapter coming up for Good Intentions and I don't know what to do. When I started I didn't intend to write a good ending to the story, I left it opne, but hinted at a bad ending. It is a dark story, or at least, it is supposed to be one, so a bad ending, like I originally wanted it to be would only be fitting. But after having put the poor characters through the story, they don't really deserve a bad ending on top of it. At least not an entirely bad one.

Projects for the summer

  • website - even though nobody will care where I put my fics and fanart, I wanted to make a website for a while. If only to use what I've learned in the two day 'computer course for scientists' where they showed us who to draw molecules with the computer aand stick them on a website. The only time a practical endeavour did not cause despaId  four-letterwords. 

  • reassembling the photoshop brush collection

  • reading Lord of the Rings - or at least trying to

  • catching up with TV and DVD backlog - I have been downloading and taping stuff like usually but I haven't been watching anything expect for three or four eps. I still have DVDs from last fall that I haven't gotten around to watching. I should have time to catch up.

  • update my quote collection

  • read the last three books that I bought

  • watch the farewell gift from my friends at uni. They got me an Australian miniseries on DVD. 'Brides of Christ' I don't suppose anyone has seen that?


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