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When Illman ponders the fallacies mpreg fiction

Changed my lj layout colours and background picture from Sam to Elizabeth and John. After a blue theme, it's back to a red one again like the Sara and Grissom one I had before Sam. I'm lazy. My icon is from  the same picture as the background image. I was too lazy to cap anything from DVD and my scans from some science fiction related magazines didn't turn out very well. Bad public scanner.

From your vantage point in front of the computer, you spy, with your little eye...

1. Something that is red: The bottle cap of Laurentius Light & Fit Multivatim Drink . The bottle is standing on my desk.

2. Something that is shiny: the empty Red Bull Sugarfree can on my desk

3: Something that is ugly: the photograph of me on the back of my credit card which is lying on my desk (and which I should put somewhere else before it gets lost)

4. Something that is made of wood: the (overloaded) desk

5. Something that is sharp: the sissors (spelling?) that are lying on the big box that the protein bars came in. The box is on the floor to my left.

My first fandom ever: The first fandom that I was involved online with was X-files and Star Trek Voy (as a lurker), EFC was the first fandom I was actively involved with. It promptly thought me about the evil of mailing lists.

However the first show I was obsessed with dates back far longer, it was a French pre-schooler cartoon involving cats and dogs. I only know that the big bad dog was blue.

My most recent fandom: SGA. Currently my fanfic writing obsession. Strangly not half as interested in watching the show. I still have only watched half the first season even though I could watch the rest of it any time I wanted since it's on my harddrive. But I'm the same with most shows, I like their univsrses to write in.

Five fandoms that mean a lot to me:
EFC - The fandom itself was rather lame, but I have read some of the best, if not the best stories there and the show had the best premise ever. (and worst execution after season 1)
Without a Trace - I have met the best people in this fandom *points to flist* and it still is a great show and has the second best 'shep ever
X-Files - the classic 'ship and a very good show. The fandom itself was never much for me and a lot of trash got written in this fandom. It's a fandom best enjoyed alone.
Stargate SG1 - also a TV classic, the fandom and it's ships continue to scare me and some of the shittiest fic, especially slash got written in this fandom, but the universe the show created is marvelous. Great fandom to write in.
tied 24/B5 - both fandoms of unique shows, that both don't make for good fic, but even better speculation.

Generally, the group aspect of fandoms is something that it takes me a bit of warming up to. I enjow TV alone a lot as well. The list of shows I watch is far too long, even though I cut it down for the past season compared to previous ones. I'm still catching up with the massive TV backlog and I'm not doing a very good job with it. Since October a lot of TV as accumulated and I by far didn't tape everything on German TV that I would have watched. Although my father buying a DVD recorder for the TV set encouraged my taping somewhat. (The TV set in my room is older than I am, from the time before there were remotes and it turns off at random. Now I can watch what I recorded on the computer:)

I'm in the mood to write today and last night I firgured out how to solve a plot problem that I had been having in space pirates. Now I have just one small point to resolve for the next chapter to be ready. I might rewrite that part, because I'm not happy with that. It's rather short chapter, so I might add something more as well. It's time they finally get off the planet, which I think I have get to name. I might write a small part on the Atlantis perspective on all the events, after all, by now the rescue team should have made contact again. But the fic already has a load of perspectives and realities, I'm not sure it would be such a good idea to add another one to it. I'm wondering how people who read the story are actually keeping track. I have plot notes, as well as the fic printed out paper for better reference  on what happened to whom and when. Having been at the fic for over six months doesn't make it easier to write with continuity. It's the longest ever I have worked on a fic and it's not the longest fic I have ever written. So far it's the second longest according to, but there is a wide gap. It says that I'm at about 36 000 words, where as my longest story, which happens to be a completed story is 89 000 odd words long.  The writing took one month the editing took more than two. But during that one month of writing that I wrote everywhere all the time. I wrote at breakfast, in lectures, in the pub, in the library, in bed and in the lab.

Not so frantic these days anymore, even though I don't have full time studies to tend to anymore. My second current fic, Vital Lies is not nice to me. I had a plot plan for each chapter, but the fic has a life of its own. It's going in a totally different direction than I want it to be going. I can vaguely see where the fic is heading now, but no, I don't want it to go there. I don't know where to go from there. Oh, I'm sure, I'll get an idea and find a way to write on from there, I have seldomly written myself in a corner so far. I recall only one story where I really saw no way to get out of the maze that I had created. Lesson: Thou should not overplot mysteries. But possible or not it is not the story I want to write or tell.  But so was Space Pirates, it was supposed to be a story of the aftermath of John and Rodney's experience at hands of the Space Pirates (hence the title about which several people have commented and said it's idiotic, I know it sounds a bit trashy). But now 12 chapters later, there is still no aftermath in sight, there are still in the midst of the action (but nearing the end of it). So, I'll just run with Vital Lies and have fun with it. After all, it's an mpreg fic. The research alone was worth it. The mpreg archive had me laugh so hard. Gaia demanded the following in her challenge (and I quote):

Write a Mpreg fic that doesn't make me want to gag.

I'm serious. 

I want realisitc


Biologically possible (though obviously not probable)

Not smarmy




Male Preganancy

With pregger!John!!!!!!!!!!!!

And actual health considerations.

Jealous (sterile?) Elizabeth

And Rodney freaking out.  He doesn't have to be the other contributor
of genetic matrial if you don't like.  Speaking of which, there are
these lizzards who are all the same gender but reproduce by
essentially cloning themselves, achieving variation through
cross-over, but their fertility increases if they are mounted by
another lizzard (of the same sex, cause there's only one) even though
no genetic material is transfered.  This is essentially a biological
holdover from when the lizzards did use sex to reproduce, because
having sex (even without ferilization) stimulates the hormonal
conditions neccessary for development.  Wow, aren't I full of random
useless information?

I don't believe it's possible, but I kinda want to see someone try.


I just had to. Admittedly, the part about biologically possible threw me for a loop at first and got me thinking. Never a good thing. Browsing a medical textbook for inspiration, I got an idea, which is completely out there probably, but hell, it's at least a stab at a genuine medical explanation. When you read it, laugh. I researched mpreg with the help of a medical textbook. I neven printed out stuff from the web. From the mpreg fics that I have read, the doctors there are usually very quick to diagnose a male pregnancy. They must be going to better doctors than I do. I figure that would take some time and probably a misdiagnosis or two. It's not like they run into pregnant men every day. That's a once in a career event. *thinks of a doctor citing statistics about male pregnancy in a FAKE fic*

No one ever has an abortion in an mpreg fic. Seriously. Maybe fic writers feel it's a too divided topic to approach in a fic. Here it's not a big topic, in the US, I think it's a bigger topic and the official stance is more conservative. Often the characters involved in mpreg fic are slash couples, actually, I don't recall reading an mpreg fic involving a het couple and most of them are busy men and not planning to be fathers any time soon. They are usually workaholics (who on TV isn't, seriously? All they ever do is work, at least on the shows I watch) with no time for children and at least those on sci-fi shows are often in an environment unsuitable for children. *thinks about Star Trek Voy, Atlantis, etc.*. Just wondering why usually everyone is all happy to unexpectly become a father!

I'm thinking too much about this.

I have no illusions that my own fic is going to turn out just as bad as the mpreg I have read. After all it's mpreg, that alone is brain wrecking enough.

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