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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
49,233 / 200,000

Well, I started on the 16th of last month, so in the next three days, I should get up to 50k. At that rate, I'll be done at the end of summer :)
Posted new chapters of Vital Lies and Space Pirates

Apologies for the writing spam lately. I have too much time. Let me know if it annoys you and I'll create a filter for it.

B th of them for cross-overs. Cross-overs can be tricky to write if the shows universe's don't match. Of course that hasn't stopped a lot of writers. And as I think that there isn't such a thing as an inherently bad idea in fanfic, all that matters is the execution.

SGA and SG1 should be cross-able without a problem. A plot bunny inspired by a challenge (I think Huntress posted this one) urges me to write that ;)

The second plot bunny is older and I have taken several stabs at writing that already (as an SG1 fic, but it basically doesn't matter what galaxy it is set in). The fact that it seems impossible to write bugs me. I can't leave a problem alone. It's the same with proofs and other maths/physics/chem problems, I'll spend as much time as I can tweaking on them and end up pissed if I don't get the solution before the deadline. I have tried changing the plot in places but it still doesn't work. Seems like I have been rebitten by that. It has to be possible. That fact that it is a cross-over between two not very compatible universes combined with time travel might add to the difficulties with the story.


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