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In spite of a small slump, Vital Lies is coming along fine. It's at seven chapters which have written themselves pretty easily so far.  Only, I have yet to make it to the mpreg part, which was the point of the challenge. But getting there in the next few chapters. We'll see how gag-worthy it turns out ;)

I finally had an idea for the Zelenka ficathon I signed up for. I got the assignment a week ago already, but couldn't come up with an idea for a story. Looking through my file of plot ideas and saved challenges I came up empty, but then I found a started story in the folder where I keep all my abandonned fragments. It's only a start and it needs a rewrite in some aspects, but the basic premise is good.

Assignement for another SGA ficathon will be there within the next days. Both are due 14th/15th July. But I'm not worried, two years of Oxford and three weeks until the deadline seems like three years ;)

But it does mean less time to write on my favourite space opera Space Pirates about which I have not forgotten despite the lack of update in the last ten days. I have expanded the plot notes (and am cursing myself for not having made proper notes along the way. For Vital Lies I did a much better job, especially with the large number of OCs, although I had one character accidentally change name). New chapter got started today. 

This parody ficlet amused me far too much. I'm easily amused.

Yesterday was a bit much, with the relatives finally leaving. They were going to leave before lunch. By the time they got out the door, it was past 7 p.m. Two weeks until they get back from their short tour of Europe. Bro and I might visit them next summer.

My mind is starting to slide again, so it's time for the Risperdal. Washed it down with a can of Red Bull. That will hopefull help me stay awake for a bit. I hate how dull and mellow that stuff makes me feel, but it's stll the best of the anti-psychotics I've tried so far.

ETA: One shouldn't throw up Red Bull. Yuck. I should probably just call it a day.

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