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Finished chapter 14 of Space Pirates. This and the last chapter have finally gotten the story moving again after I had the feeling that it had gotten a bit stuck in place and I was never going to get anyone written off their respective planets. But now everyone is on the move once again and the hallucination storyline is going on evily. I almost feel bad for killing off evil!Elizabeth and evil!Bates. The evil Atlantis definetly deserves to be revisted in some form or another in a future fic. It's been fun to write.

Vital Lies is dragging on a bit, but I have sent off another chapter to be beta-read. It's one for the records, I'm having something beta-ed in this fandom. I know I should have things beta-read more often, that would keep some of the wilder ideas in check and the worst typos out of the stories.

THe still unnamed entry for the ficathon on  welovezelenka is coming along fine. There are more original plots than the one I'm writing, but well, that was what the prompt sparked. I'm strruggeling a bit to get the slash written convincingly (or that is rather written at all). My most frequent gripe with slash is the overdone melodrama (...and then he wept). But I'm no better at writing the het ships. It's easier to write them if they are canon ships like in WaT. But at least the plot is going on fine and the interaction is nice is well, I think.

The other ficathon in weirfans is a bit harder to figure. I have an idea what to write for my prompt, but no conclusion to it. It's all set up and no pay-off. I have read fics like that and hate it. It's a snippet maybe, but a story needs some sort of conclusion, even if it leaves questions unanswered. Story arch. I have no idea about creative writing or composition, I never took either one of them during my time in education, but I've read a few novels ;)

Huntress' challenge is taking shape in my notes. Another fun challenge inspired fic! But it will probably have to wait until the ficathons are over before I can do more serious work on it. I have worked out most of the first two chapters plus the raw of the plot. It's dark!fic again and will be more straight forward than Vital Lies.

Bro finished the last day of his oral exams today and has now officially done better in school than I have. He got the top mark, but as he calculated, he wasn't quite the best, someone in his year got a few points more than he did. I was never quite that ambitious...I only made 40/45 points (and was most amazed that I ever graduated high school, I was never one for formal education. It only took me four schools in nine years of secondary school.)  His ego will be bigger than ever before now ;)

It's all in good fun though. It's nice to have him around in the mornings. He's a fellow TV and internet addict.

On Monday I was at my weekly check in with the doc. Since I'm back on stimulants, she has me show up every week again. Still I ran out for a few days and was heachachy, tired and miserable. It says that stuff might be habit forming. It so is. Going off after having been on for some time running is definetly unfun.

Then doc suggested that we move off Topamax, which sent me into a minor freak out at the very thought. Not only gave it me withdrawal effects that had me show up at the hospital at a Saturday morning, practically begging for something to stop the tremors, but by the time I was off it, the new med wasn't doing its job and I was enjoying my first inpatient stay at the psychiatric hospital. As soon as I got back to the UK I got a prescription for it and got back on it, now combined with another med (Lamictal) because Topamax alone doesn't do the job for me. So of course when doc brought up the topic I flat out refused. The present cocktail mix of meds has its flaws, but its pretty good compared to many combinations that I've tried before.  I don't want to shake at the foundations there. I know that I had a recent episode that is just waning and that's why doc contemplates changing the meds again. I'm afraid of losing the hold I have with my current meds. I tried to explain this to the doc. She probably hears this kind of non-sensical arguement several times a week from her patients. We also have this discussion going about my ability to self-asses. Because I routinely overestimade my cognitive abilities (now this makes me sound like an egomaniac ;) but end up having trouble even with basic things when it comes to maths and memorizing, she questions my entire ability to asses anything objectively.  I'm supposed to go for some cognitive testing next week. That will be fun! Aparently, and I'm vastly sceptical there, the testing is suposed to give hints whether the problems are part of the illness itself or not.


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