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It's not right in mindland. I keep crying. Feels like I'm back in Oxford again.

Who on Earth nominated some of this stuff?

It's alarming enough that I have read almost all of it. Except for what little het there is. But some of the slash that's nominated is just seriously bad. Some of the gen too. A few authors there, especially a few of those that are on multiple times are overrated, I think. But in the immortal words of a wise fan: Most fanfiction sucks, your own included. Read it and laugh!

And on a side note, can't people link to my website the proper way? Noticed that because some of the nominated Atlantis vids are hosted on my website. People always give the long link that streamload gives you in the end, not the nice save-as link. Argh!

I should be working on the fourth rewrite of the ficathon fic for welovezelenka. It's the conclusion that's never right. I've gone back and done some revision on the plot as well. But I still have a bunch of characters stuck on an alien planet together with the bad guy and his bio-weapon. I'm in the mood for him to detonate the damn thing and kill himself and them along with it, but I doubt that would make the recipient of my fic very happy. Though I could pass it up for deaths of minor canon characters.

It took me half the morning to find a client that would not crash the router every twenty minutes. All just because I wanted to dl the SciFi Inside Sci-Fi Friday Special. At least it's dling now.

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