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Not much to say about real life. I'm having an exhausted day. I went from sleeping in late pretty straight to a mid-morning nap. If the laundry wasn't piling up downstairs, I would be considering going to bed again for some more sleep. I could use the time while ironing and finally finish watching 'Cyper' which I 'net rented and started watching last week.

Writing isn't going so well. If Gaia weren't prodding me, I would have given up on Vital Lies by now. I'm having a case of writers' block and I'm generally questioning the plot of the story. I think I overplotted, just like in my other conspiracy type story, where in the end I didn't quite manage to tie up all the loose ends. And mpreg is harder to write than I thought. I'm trying to work it into the story (after all that was the challenge) and I'm finding it a lot harder than I thought it would be. Vital Lies failed as a slash fic so far. Somehow, there was no time for the slash. In a lot of my fic, people have days like Jack Bauer on 24. There is no time for a love life. Those two weird ship fics that I wrote last winter are an exception. That are strange in every way. Reading them makes me shake my head. Not because they are worse than what I normally write. They are just not what I write. Not being able to write sucks. I might try playing around with another fandom, maybe I'll have an easier go there.

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