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I made it to the supermarket today! After that I needed a serious nap. Already twitchy again.  I don't want to take Valium again as I have been taking a lot lately and it's addictive after all. I have enough trouble with the addictive aspect of the stimulants. Not to mention the horrible time when I went off Topamax once. Shakes and cold sweats. And nobody told me it was addictive. Resulted in my first voluntary trip to the psych hospital begging for decent drugs.

Weird thing of the day. In the folder where I keep my writing. I found a started fic, that I don't recall having written. The syle is mine, but the content; What was I on? A lot of things, I'm sure. It's very dark and very slash. It could be from some sleepless night in Oxford, I wrote some darker stuff then. It could use some editing, but aside from that it has potential.

Very nausous today, all around it's not been a good day for the side effects. I wasn't even online much. I had the TV running for the better part of the day and tried to relax. My TV took another step towards decline. It was already randomly switching off. Now the imagine isn't being displayed properly anymore, it's getting squished together.

It's been very tiring lately.

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