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My lj seems very negative, I realize, most of the time, I'm whining around. Part of it is my lj being my ranting space, where else could rant about my crazy mind?  In that regard I miss Em. We didn't so much talk about our individual errant minds, but we had an understanding of the good and bad days and influence of the side effects on life. We often did our shopping together and it always took as ages because we were exhausted from the meds so one of us needed at least one break on the way to the supermarket. But it was no problem to have that break. I miss that. But Oxford Uni was brutal :/

Today was utterly unproductive. Again with the nausea and I did't get much sleep last night, so I'm pretty hyped on the stimulants. But I did manage without Valium last night, so that's at least something.

I scribbled down some new fic ideas that have been swimming around my head for a while. I might venture outside the SGA fandom again. I will have to in the near future when it comes to my entry in the Geekfiction ficathon, for which I'm still casting around for ideas. I have one, but it's pretty lame as far as plots go. To be honest, I have never had such domestic prompts. I don't do domestic fic.  Also the prompt calls for a discussion of Mythbusters? WTF? I had to google this. Does any self-respecting adult watch this? Maybe it's not as goofy as it sounds, because it sounds pretty bad to me and not like anything the CSIs would be watching. Except maybe Nick, but hey, I think Nick is too stupid to have gotten his job. Anyone here watch this? I might have to download an ep for reference purposes, although one of the fansites I found had some useful info that I could use in a scene. But currently I'm still busy with downloading SGA and SG1, I only get the internet during part of the day. Meh. Then I'll update @lantis with the new ep and then maybe the mythbuster thing. If it isn't Friday again by that time. I did some more planning on Space Pirates, I had some problem with a scene in this chapter, but I figured out what to do about it now. The only thing I did write was a bit on the cave fic, a longer fic that I had put on ice for a while. I'm not sure it'll ever be postable. I think I'm going to toss the second half, it's badly paced and the two original characters are too flat, considering that they do have more than a few lines.

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