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It's been a while since I have written in here, but I haven't been able to get online that much recently. Things went downhill in the last few weeks and I agreed to give things I try in an inpatient programme. Much regrett over that decision. The first week was awful, then it got a bit better. The surroundings are very psych hospital, which is an acquired taste. I'm part of a group that is allowed to leave outside of therapy sessions and of course I found the nearest internet café on my first trip into town. After that I found the nearest supermarket to buy diet coke for the caffeine. I don't get any, but as a caffeine addict I need my fix. Therapy wise there is nothing much going on, I see no need to talk to the psychologist (who has been ill for two weeks now without replacement) and the rest is things like creative workshops, walking and volleyball. Much to alarm (and after initial shock amusement) everyone is on the same drugs, no matter what's wrong with them. Seriously, everyone takes the same anti-psychotic, even those who are unipolar depressed.

It's just one of the things the conversations spin around, there isn't much to talk about and the days are pretty long, so lost/stolen cigarrettes, food, meds, knitting, card games and crossword puzzles are pretty much the best things going on. I have been continuing a bit on my fic, but I have been through several new meds while I have been at the hospital so far and my thinking hasn't always been quite stellar .But I have definetlty gathered up new frustration to take out on virtual characters ;)

The fact that I'm missing out on a lot of of TV bugs me, but can't be helped, at least I have something to look forward to when I get back home. End of the week, the doc said last Friday when I asked. I do hope so, because I have enough. Let's hope that the week passes quickly.

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