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Weekend Update

Home for another weekend. It's a pretty lazy weekend. I'm very exhausted this weekend and was just going home looking forward to resting and the internet. The side effects are still a problem for me, but on the weekend I just wanted to take a break. Not quite successful, as I did get frustrated about my inability to write, but other than that fun was had so far.

Nano is going very slowly. I'm struggeling with concentration and writing a lot. It's probably the meds. I'll do what I can. It's supposed to be a challenge and I'm taking it as one. I may just not be able to keep up. But I'm not feeling to bad about it. Making the effort to write every day is good enough for me, more important than making the word goal.

The days at the hospital have settled into a rather dull routine and the feeling of being trapped has worn off by now. From what I have heard of others they had the same experience in the first few weeks, but felt more at ease as time passed. I'm still not talking to the psychologist and apparently sessions with her are completly voluntary. I do most of what's offered to fill the day: light sporting activities, art therapy, free workshop, music therapy and the like. Nano and the knitting project are taking up my free time (of which there is a lot).

Everyone have a good week!

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