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It just took me a good half hour to log into the student area of the Open University website. It seems to use the online area, you need a degree first. The course, Introduction to human genetics, is fun so far, a bit boring, as I expected it to be more demanding. After my experience with first year courses in Oxford and my bad performance there, I expected similar problems, but the course is much easier than the genetics material that we covered in the biology course back in Oxford.

I still have no idea what to do about Oxford University. Officially I'm still a student there, although I started taking a course at Open University now. I liked studying at Oxford, and the course was interesting, but it was insanely much work. Before I was ill I could keep up, but it was a lot of work and a lot of stress. When I cam eback after having taken some time out, I had big trouble keeping up, because I couldn't concentrate, couldn't stay awake and had a big panic problem.

Both of those things have improved a lot since then, I have changed meds and have done something about the panic problem, but I'm still not good with stress and Oxford would be lots of stress.

So far, I like the system of Open University. At least the book for the course I'm doing right now, is well written (although I consulted the biochemistry book for some background reading out of interest) and the DVD with lectures is also well done. But the level is more higher level biology in high school than university biology. I'm through half the book so far and we did more in two week of biology lectures. (although I could hardly keep up with the biology lectures at university, they went too fast for me).

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