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A week passed with too many people. Working again, even though it is only two days a week is getting to me. I'm dreading work for half a week ahead, but I have to do some interacting with people. On the subject of me and my lack of people's skills, I'm still toying with the idea of calling the psychologist who talked to me about Asperger's syndrome back in the psych hospital. The label wasn't news to me, some of her info was and I actually read the booklet she gave me. (Psychiatrist and psychologist must have tons of booklets, judging by the number of different ones I have gotten so far) She gave me her card and told me to call, if I wanted to talk further.

This week the laptop tech was there twice, he didn't get it fixed the first time round. Luckily, I still have warranty on the piece. Now, it's back and running. And I can get back to downloading. Thanks to faster downloads on usenet, I went and checked out two new shows, Bones and Criminal Minds. Decent entertainment, criminal minds reminds me of Profiler without the good parts, Bones would be better if the lead lady had a more pleasant voice. But that's picking the nits. So far, I like what I see. Criminal Minds even generated the first few plot bunnies, but one should not write fic for a show before knowing the characters names. (Although I have seen fic where that was not the case).

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