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12 December 2005 @ 01:52 pm
For the first time since I got back from the hospital I'm having a really depressed day. I have hardly beeen sleeping for a couple of nights, headaches have been keeping me up (supposedly they are from the meds).

I'm very restless and quite tempted to reach for the Valium. Unfortunatly the doctor I'm seeing now (I changed recently) is less enthusiastic about prescribing the good stuff. Because I'm this restless I got on a second anti-psychotic which is more sedating than Risperdal. I'm supposed to take some extra when I'm especially restless. I guess I'll just take my pills and take my chances. I still have three episodes of SGA to watch. Maybe I'll be tired enough later to watch them.
Current Mood: crazycrazy
gledster2000gledster2000 on December 12th, 2005 11:05 am (UTC)

I miss speaking to you illman. I hope you can encourage your body to work long enough to allow you to enjoy Christmas and New Years.

I forgot to ask, do you want a Christmas card? I know it won't get there for Christmas but you're more than welcome to one if you want. E-mail me your address and I'll send you one. Or leave a comment on this post with your address.

I wish you all the best Illman.
I'm Jack Sparrow's jar of dirt. [Don't touch me!]: Beckett_optimistninnui on December 12th, 2005 04:54 pm (UTC)
All best wishes from me, too :) The not so good days will be over soon... just a phase. Is your writing and studying going on well?? I have stll some issues with writing fanfics :-/ I am supposed to be done with both by next monday... So I better hurry up soon ;)

Oh, and have fun watching SGA... Tomorrow we'll egt to see "Grace under pressure" - David/Samantha!squeeeee!! I'm soo looking forward to that episode :D
Illmanillman on December 13th, 2005 11:12 am (UTC)
Thanks :) It's already looking less bleak today. Studying is going all right at the moment. I'm pretty happy with Open University and will do more courses in the next trimester. (maths and chemistry). Fanfic has been stalling a bit in the last week as I have been working for the end of course project of the genetics course. But I'm still determined to finish at least one fic this year. (not to mention the new plot bunnies that I had since that)

Grace under Pressure seems to be turning out interesting. I have seen part of it so far. (watching while working out, I hadn't yet the nerve to sit down to watch the rest). Have you seen it yet? So far the only complaint I have is the thing Sam is wearing. Couldn't they have picked a better colour? But I'm picking nits here. What do you think of the ep?
I'm Jack Sparrow's jar of dirt. [Don't touch me!]: beautyninnui on January 2nd, 2006 03:24 pm (UTC)
Waah, sorry for the late reply. I just returned from Gießen, where I spent Silvester.

Open University sounds quite good. I'm glad you like it and I hope you're learning a lot.

Did you finish "Space Pirates"? While I was sitting with some of the friends from my flist, we "bred" some new bunnies and feeded the older ones a bit... It was quite funny :D

And you are right with GUP. ^^ It was a very intense episode. But Sam's pink jackett plus the matching bra was just - - Oo kind of hilarious. Then again we could blame Rodney's conciousness. *lol*

You are a ShWeir shipper, aren't you? I don't want to spoil you... ^_^ But there's a but, you know? :)
Illmanillman on January 3rd, 2006 04:19 pm (UTC)
Well, I hope you had a good time at the Party New Year's Eve. Anyways, I were probably a lot busier than. All I did on New Year's Eve was settle on the couch and watch TV. Fortunatly, VOX was running a movie with DH in it.

Space Pirates didn't get finished in 2005, at least not totally. I have a big chunck written,which is now subject to some editing and maybe the eyes of a beta.

But I already have plenty of new plot bunnies where those came from. Just at moment rather little time since OU submissions date are coming up at the end of the month. For me the final project of the genetics intro course is due and the foundation assessment for the maths course that I'm about to start.

When are you going back to uni?

On-line studying never gives you a real vacation, since courses run all year round. But on the other hand, I can take a morning off whenever I need it. It is probably better suited to me than studying at some other university. Still, I have my hopes set on Oxford (foolishly maybe, but this can't be it).

Did SGA air already again? I'm really messed up with my TV schedule there. Ihave to chech usenet later on. I'm an indescriminate shipper. I have written ShWeir, Sheyla, McShep and a few more. At heart I'm all gen, but I love to explore the possibilities.
I'm Jack Sparrow's jar of dirt. [Don't touch me!]: feelninnui on January 3rd, 2006 04:43 pm (UTC)
It was more a gathering of geeks then a party, really ^^. We watched TV 'till five to 12, then we went outside, clanked out glasses together, cheered and watched the lights a bit... Then we went inside again and continued watching TV. And we also had a look at David Hewlett in the movie in VOX :) So wonderful geeky!

I had my first seminar this morning. I would have gone to a seminar yesterday but my train was over an hour late, so I decided to take one some hours later. I missed all classes yesterday. :-/ Stupid Deutsche Bahn.

You will make it to Oxford again... you will prove that you can work and do well, and then you will return to Oxford, prepared for what you have to expect there. You said you are a perfectionist when it comes to work. That will help you through.

SGA "The Long Goodbye" aired yesterday. I'm currently trying to upload it, but haven't seen it yet :) But I have been spoiled already. ^^
(Anonymous) on January 4th, 2006 01:01 pm (UTC)
To quote Sara Sidle, Geeks should be revered.

I'm surprised that the semester has already picked up again, I thougt you had at least until next week off. The world is not fair. I'm trying to finish up maths and genetics for the deadlines. Depending how fast it takes to get mailed, it might be two weeks to get there. Although sending to the UK is much faster than sending from the UK. The Open University's Course Materials sometimes take almost a month to get here. Royal Mail is not known for being fast.