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I'm having stress , apparently, and I don't know why. I'm freaking out at every turn like I do when I have the teenest bit of stress, but things are rather peacefull. I handed in the genetics and the math multiple choice paper in on time. Got math back already and with 83% it's the highest I ever got on anything in college. In two years of Oxford, I never got over 35% in an exam, though I did get 68% in an physics homework once.
A written math paper is due at the end of the month. I have at all typed out with a math editor (using TEX). Now, I'm trying to figure out how to render it. I'm trying MiKTeX, but it appears that there is a bug in the current version and that the pdf conversion doesn't work. I did find a viewer tool that converts the files to jpg and bmp files, so I can still print them from there, even if I might have to adjust the size. I should have stuck with my handwriting, but it looks far better typed, and I'm a workaholic and perfectionist when it comes to science and maths.

I have also been going through fic and posted two new chapters of Space Pirates. More than a year after I started posting the fic. But so far I have finished most fics that I have started, and I'm not planning to make an exception. I'll probably post the next chapter today, I'm still tweaking the details. Then I have five chapters of a WaT casefile fic, that has written itself. It's somewhere in AU land where the 'ships are concerned, but I like the case. It's also a mini cross-over with Law and Order. I really need more time to write. I have too many ideas and too many started fics on my hd.

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