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Good News and high Hopes for Monday

So I called my college to ask about the details of the evaluation they wanted. After some back and forth, after I got someone on the phone you actually knew what I was talking about, she told me that I didn't need to do the actual evaluation. I just have to get a doctor to call the college doctor and give him the info he need to write up his evaulation report. Saved on trip. Now getting someone to do this isn't going to be this easy. I already tentatively approached the subject with the doctor I have been seeing once a week until last fall. But she thinks I'm a complete nut and belong nowhere near tertiary education. She is trying to set me up with this sheltered job training. (well, if all else fails...

That's part of why I stopped seeing her. That and the two and a half months in the psych hospital she got me into. That was uncalled for.

I'm seeing another doctor now. I saw him while my other doc was on vacation before. I have only seen him like three times. It's mext to impossible to get an appoinment more often than every two months. That sucks. It's extremely good that the next one is one Monday. This will be the opportunity to apporach the subject. Luckily for me, I already knows that I want to go back to Oxford and we have been working in the pre-requsites for that since fall. So he might just do me tha favour and call the college doc, or write him if his English sucks. I don't care as long as he does it. I'm screwed if he doesn't. After him, there is just my emergency doc for when I really need a 'script. So far my hopes are on Monday.

I'm writing as fast as I can to finish Space Pirates, if there weren't so many interfering plot bunnies that want to be written. Still I want to finish Space Pirates before I post anything new. But I'm tempted, badly tempted, since some of those fics are almost complete. I have rediscovered the fun of cross-overs. I did some CSI/WAT crossover and back in the dark ages there were a few Trekverse crossovers. I have four have them in various states of writing althougt the WaT/LaO is not really much of a cross-over, it's heavily on the WAT side. Crossovers within the Gateverse don't really feel like crossovers, same universe I guess, not much manipulating needed to get them together. Just recently I started writing away at an SGA/Missing crossover. I have no idea where that came from. I guess spending late Friday nights in front of the TV...No idea where that one is going. I should write more on Space Pirates. It's nearing its end. There are a few more plot points to be dealt with, but most of the action has happened after the chapter that I finished the day before yesterday. Editing is a bitch.

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