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Bah, no sleep last nightr. Evil pills. This thyroid hormone treatment is murder. It's supposed to make anti-psychotics and the like work better. It works with taking the multiple of normale doses of thyroid hormones. There are a few studies running on this approach to treat people with certain mental illnesses who don't respond to meds. I started with that a while ago in addition to my current med mix. It seems to be helping and it got rid of the fatigue that was a big problem.

Today, I have the big appt. Time to get the damn evaluation! For once I'm actually taking the EPS meds, I can't afford tremors today. Normally I don't take that stuff, I can't even walk straight on the dosage I'm supposed to take and it blurs my vision. So it's just wait and see what he says. After two doctors declaring me unfit to attend university, an assemsment from the psych hospital certifying attention and short term memory deficits, dropping out of college twice, I can only win this one. That's the plan. I don't believe in plan b;)

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