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It didn't go ideal. I didn't get shot down entirely, but I didn't get the eval straight either. I might get it though, the indecisive guy couldn't make up his mind! He said and I quote he "wants to support me". He better write it then. He also said he needs to cocnsult with the doctor I have been seeing before him. Now, I haven't asked her about the evaluation yet, but I'm pretty sure that she won't be too big on it. If I had thought she was, I would have gone to her first. I have talked to her about going back to Oxford before and she wasn't thrilled (she has the deluded notion that I would have a problem with the language or culture. Or she is still pissed that I didn't talk to that psychologist. I don't believe in talk therapy. ) I'm supposed to call back on Monday. I'm so calling on Friday. If he has it on Monday, he already has it on Friday afternoon. I'm not ruining a week-end over this. If I don't get the eval, I need as much time as possible to try to make it appear before the end of the month. I have two more possible eval writers on the list. I don't think they will write it, but if all else fails, I'm going to call them.

Right now, I'm just tired. I'll think of something better later.

ETA: The Olympics are a great thing to watch and escape unpleasant realities for a few hours. Heh. And figure skating tonight! Some of the costumes make the eyes bleed ;)

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