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Well, life sucks but that is nothing new. And it's not even ruining my mood as much as it should.

I have been pretty pissed off for the better part of a week. It's slowly starting to dawn on me that college won't be happening any time soon and that no amount of will-power is going to change that. I'm not fit in all senses of the word (physically my hands shake too badly to do practical work and I can't even keep on my feet for an entire day in the first place. Mentally, I am hyperactive and have no attention span, I can hardly read an article. Hence I read so much fic.) I wish none of this would have ever happened and it wouldn't if I hadn't gotten ill in the first place. Life isn't fair, but it still sucks. I'm busy dealing with that right now. I'm mad, so very mad. I know I'm immature. Emmotional maturity has never been my thing.

While I have been losing sleep over unfortunate realities and evil hormone treatments, at least I got to write. I finally finished the last three chapters of Space Pirates ths morning. Thinking about an epilogue. So far, I got one of the chapters posted. Already got started on some ideas for a new stories. Three draft, I'll see which one will work out in the end.

The hormone treatment (taking an overdosing of thyroid hormones) is pretty hard on the side effect and I had to go down on the dosage because I was losing too much weight, but it's working. Still, it's not a lot of fun. But hey, I'll never need a diet again (ever since the Topamax I've gone from pudgy to skinny) and better wired than tired.

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