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Got up early to buy a new external HD with 300GB. They were on sale at a supermarket chain and I had been wanting to buy an extra HD for a while. I can use it well. Seeason 1- 5 of CRossing Jordan have been posted to easynews, and I have only seen seasons 4 and 5 plus a few episodes here and there. After the first two season of cold case were up a few weeks were up, I'm looking forward to this.

Last night, my mother, sis and I have been to the movie to see the .

I haven't read the book, i tried to lisen to the audiobok ages ago, but I didn't get further than the first twenty minutes. It was lengthy, so I hoped the movie would short things up. It did, that was about it. The length of the movie didn't bother me, much to my surprise. The movie had little new material to offer, most of the plot was forseeable, but maybe I just have been watching toon much Alias ;)


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