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Recent Fic Updates

The Full Hour (SGA)

Zocchihedron (Numb3rs)


Night Falls Fast (SGA) is on the frizz once AGAIN. So updates today only at other archives.

When I started writing NFF, I did some googling and saw that EFC is now out on DVD. I'm tempted I must say. I never saw Seasons 3 through 5 since they didn't air them here in this before the braod band era. I traded a guy for tapes just to watch some eps in English. The second season was pretty rotten, since they killed off the male lead after the first season and shipped off the femaile lead in the second season. The fandom is divided, some say that everything but season one sucked and some say that everything after season three did. If season two was any indication, I guess I'm with the first group. Still, I really want to see how the rest turned out. I have seen two eps from season three so far from the tapes back in the stone age, but I'm thinking about the DVDs. They are pretty cheap for TV DVds. Comparing price, they are between $20 and $35 a season.

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