Illman (illman) wrote,

The mailman brought good things today. Two zines, Tales From The Pegasus Galaxy and Revelations IV. I started on the Atlantis zine and it's off to a good start. But I love zines in general - fanfic spiral bound for handy reading. And almost all the zines I have read so far haven't disappointed. Shame is that there are only zines for the bigger, established fandoms: the big sci-fi classics, Sentinel, M7, X-Files.Not a whole lot in the newer fandom such as CSI, Numb3rs, Alias or other shows from the last few years. Considering that zines were the fanfic medium of choice before the internet existed it makes sense that it's big with fandoms that got started before everyone had the internet at home.

The mailman also brought the third season of EFC, which must have crossed the Atlantic in record time. It's nice that the third season arrived first, even though I bought them on the same day. ninnui, I will see about your copies today or tomorrow.

I'm uploading the new SGA special (the Urban Rush interviews and Set Visit). Haven't seen it all yet, but it looks to be fun. Should be done by tonight unless streamload throws another fit. Anyone seen it yet?

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