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Getting Back On Track

I seem to be getting over the cold that has flattened me for much of the last week. It's still very much Side Effect City, but yesterday I finallyhad enoughand went out to get a scripts for anti-nausea meds. The stuff makes drowsy (but what doesn't aside from Keppra maybe), but at least it's better than sipping Gatorade for days. I did read more last week than in the lst six months combined. NormallyI listen to audiobook instead of reading. I'm reading .

I had watched the old movie with Greta Garbo a while back and it made me want to read the book. The movie wasn't very good, some details that I thought were important, like her morphine addiction wre simply left out. The beginning was laughable and had me almost turn off the movie. It was a Roman orgy gone Russian. Drinking games, super-sized finger food and a hot tub. Still, the movie pulls together the main plot. The book has dozends of sub plots with all the different couples. What amused me was the part about the wedding between Kitty and Levin. First he hems and haws about proposing, nothing like getting it over quickly. Then on the big day, his shirt is missing. Oh noes! He is almost too late for his own wedding. And everything is described with a verbiage, no wonder the book ís that thick! It keeps coming back to describing teeth as a feature of especially men. Tooth fetish? Didn't see any of that in the movie.

The July deadline on the Chem class has been pushed back to early August. I read the assignment, I can do most of it easily, but right now, still I'm glad that I didn't have to do it last week. The summer school for which I didn't sign up is starting soon. I could probably have managed all right, I only failed one lab assignment on the first try in two years and back then I was doing a lot worse. But as it turns out, I will teenager-sitting during the summer when my parents are visting Scotland for a month and Bro is in taking extra college classes.

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