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It's too hot for anything. I have retreated to the cold computer in the basement.

I was filling at work for sis this week at an after-school programme (I used to work there as well). I did okay, not that there is much to mess up, but it's a bit frustrating how stressed out I get over four hours of work.

Went to the doc on Monday since I was having my appt of the month anyways and I brought up the nausea issue. Not much to say, excpet that I should spread the meds better over the day, at least those that are intended to be taken several times a day. I started bunching them up in the evning while I was in college because I was falling asleep in class after my meds in the morning. I'll wait and see how it works.

No news on the fic, I'm still editing the next two chapters of Mindscape and I should send a chapter of Night Falls Fast to my beta. I'm not in the mood this week. I'm not in the mood for college either, but I really should work on the August assignments.

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