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Working day

Did some catching up on all the stuff that I didn't get done last week because I was always too wiped out after work. Started by baking a cake for my mum, which isn't really done yet, but it looks promising. Wanted to clean up the dunegon, but even though I was at it all day, it's going nowhere. I have no idea how I every managed back at SIC. Guess it was because the least twice are I had to clean up during a week. I got hung up on looking through old pictures of me and friends. I'm so bad with names, there were several people whose name I just can't remember. To my frustration I noticed that I used to look a lot better. Not that I'm particularily vain, but when I compared pictures from like three years ago to the latest on my work-id card, all I was thinking: I thought it didn't go downhill until age 25. Well, still better than my friend Tobi wom several people estimated to be over 30, but he's younger than I am. We can't all get biologically lucky. But I'm rambling here. I didn't actually find what I was looking for, a mailing confirmation slip, because the guy I sold my old TVcard to was complaning that he hadn't gotten the thing yet. Bummer. What I did find was some money in the pocket of a pair of jeans. Yeah. Other than cleaning up I did some fanart, nothing worth posting, and was working on my page intro, playing around with ulead3d. I did get a new idea for a CSI fic today, but I'm not sure it's workable. Also have to finish wsdf and ff first.
It's one of these strange week-ends where I'm so dreading the next week that I'm working all the time just to get my mind off things. On Monday I have that stupid appointment with the cardiologist at the hospital and the results of my IB diploma are coming out. I'm not sure I want to know about them just yet, I have enough things to worry about.
Just checked my SL account, again almost out of downloads. Good things that I have now a couple more people who might donate some stuff to keep things running.

This week-end would be the party in Salem. I'm not going, too far, too expensive and too exhausting. I'd love to be there, seeing all them again one last time. But it would probably go as always, everyone gets drunk and a third of the people don't show. I miss SIC so much sometimes, but I'm also glad it's over. There are some people I don't want to see again, well maybe I'll see some of them next fall.

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