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TV thoughts on various shows

I just caught up with this week's Vanished, and frankly I'm baffled. Kelton being shot (dead?) really came as a surprise to me. I did not see that coming, which considering the very standard crime drama content of the rest of the show, is all the more amazing. I'm not sure what to point is if he is actually dead (Killing off Kelton after seven episodes would be a bold move, he is the good guy on the show after all, although I do like Mei a lot, we know far less about her.) I haven't seen the first three episodes, because I didn't know the show had a single story arch when I put on the an episode a few days ago. I had only downloaded the show out of moderate interest, for a rainy day, someone had mentioned the pilot in their journal and it had sounded pretty good. I like the show, it's not like it's anything new, but SGA proved that you don't need an original concept to make a great show. Plus, I think there is room for a lot of character development which the show only started to make use of. If they actualyl killed off Kelton (and I'm really not in the spoiler loop on this one), this would be majorly counter-productive (and scream for a fic. Which I'm so not going to write).

I watched a single episode of Angela's Eyes. The premise sounded hinky to me, but I have an open mind when it comes to TV. I did watch Missing after all. Angela irritated me the entire episode long. Somehow, I cannot picture her working for the FBI, the same goes to some degree for the rest of her team. Maybe I should have watched the pilot first, but in the episode I did watch, I think it was the second or forth , there was enough of her twisted family history which seems to be present in some form her other on every show since Catherine Willows ran her own DNA test in the lab. And the boyfriend, I was glad to see him kick her to the curb. I can't say I blame him though.

Law and Order's revolving door has brought us a bunch of new character's. LoA isn't big on little us in on the character's lives, so I don't miss most of them too much.They only have lives in fanfic;) Certainly not the last ADA. I like the new ADA, I hope she lasts a little longer than her predecessors.

CSI:Miami seems to have left realism in the dust with its cross-season arch. Some of that happened so fast, I didn't get it all. I don't have a desire to watch those episodes again.

Aside from all the moaning and bitching about TV, there was a lot that I liked about that start of the TV season. The Numb3rs two-parter was great, the cast addition to Bones (Dr. Saroyan?) is livening things up and the first two episodes of Cold Case were quite good too.

SGA, SG-1 and Ørnen episodes are on ice at the moment, until after the 18th, when my exams are over.

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