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16 October 2006 @ 06:51 pm
Illman - the missing manual  

With the 'illman', you have acquired a high performance, but highly sensitive piece of equipement. In order to enjoy your 'illman' for as long as possible, please adhere to the followong guidlines:

Store dry, away from direct sunlight and between 18° and 23°C. If it overheats, it might switch off automatically. To speed up the cooling, cold diet coke may be used.

For optimum performance use the 'illman' only quiet rooms and after 2 p.m. Operation can not be guaranteed in crowded rooms or outside.

Continued operation for longer than 90 minutes can lead to malfunctions. Switching from one mode to another requires a cooling down period of at least 45 minutes. The Smalltalk and Telephone mode only have basic phrases built in at this time. The Multitasking mode is in the beta phase in this version and still succeptible to bugs. We recommed that you use it only when pressed for time.

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