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Yeah, I need a nap.

The exams are finally over. I don't think I even want to know, but the results won't be out until December anyways. Right now, I feel just exhausted, I spend so much energy on the exams. I shall try to recover some of it today by indulging in the 2nd season of Waking the Dead.

The new doctor I'm seeing suggested trying out Zonegran instead of Topamax. She thinks Zonegran wouldn't be as hard on concentration and memory as Topamax. I haven't really found much on Zonegran on-line for uses other than epilepsy, and most of what I found were complaints about side-effects. It sounded a lot like Topamax, including the hit-to-the-head and weight loss. We'll see, at least I get to pace coming off Topamax with a script for 50mg and 15mg in addition to the 200mg that I normally have.

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