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I wasn't going to complain about the meds, but

Seriously, I was on Ritalin in high-school and I didn't recall it making my head explode. The doc I have been seeing about Asperger's recommended giving it a try again, since I have the attention span of a fruitfly and it worked for me before. I got the script filled on Monday, started the same day. By the end of the day, my bones and my head hurt like never before. That was Monday. I didn't take any on Tuesday, but again on Wednesday and today. Wednesday was okay, yesterday I could hardly sleep and I have had a headache since Monday. With the small mountain of meds I'm already taking, I hate to add something for a headache unless I have to.

My script gave me enough pills for two weeks, I haven't even finished one week and I have enough of it already. I can't imagine this stuff being any good for kids, but there are people with a lot more serious ADD/ADHD than me. I don't recall Ritalin giving me such big ups-and-downs back then, but I might have been on the SR version which according to the internet last for 8 hours.

My internet is wonky for the third day running. I suspect sabotage crappy equipment.

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