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NaNo - Day 11 (belated once again)

It was a good writing night yesterday, even though I called it a night pretty earlier and went to watch Cracker with my mother. I do think the extremely tame language of shows like SGA is a bit unrealistic, but the kind of stuff they toss around in Cracker, I last heard this kind of language in high school.

My NaNoWriMo Progress

The odd note:
I was bored, I had writer's block, so I was watching DVD and I noticed for the first time (duh, I know), that the guy in Rebus is the same guy as in Messiah. Difference in accent caught me, I guess. Strange, I hated Ken Stott in Rebus, but I like him a lot in Messiah (which I find oddly comforting to watch despite the rather gratitious violence and blood). I might get The Vice once I get paid for the few hours I actually did work since September. I get paid quarterly, which kinda sucks, but it doesn't really matter.

Now I'm off to meet the NaNo people.

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