Illman (illman) wrote,

Streamload is now officially back up, but still nothing works. I will be interviewing for a new job today.
In the meantine a little something stolen fromn minttown1
1. Do you sleep more than six hours a day? Right now, yes.

2. Do you get up early? Not this time of year. Tend to get up quite late, actually. Yes, usually.

3. Do you get right up or lounge in bed? I get right up.

4. Jim Morrison was so excited by life that he never yawned. Do you? Yes, quite often.

5. Do you waste a lot of time? I don't think so.

6. Are you often bored? Very rarely.

7. Do you spend time doing nothing? Hardly ever.

8. Do you have any hobbies? Yes, lots.

9. Do you get the most that you can out of school? Not all, but pretty close.

10. Are your days full and fast paced? No.

11. Do you have goals that you are constantly working to achieve? In a way, keeping my foreign language skills up to speed.

12. Do you enjoy every moment, even when you'd rather be doing something else? Working at that.

13. Do you know better than to take life too seriously? Not really.

14. Which do you make: wishes or plans? Both.

15. Do you do just what you want to, not caring what others think? Mostly.

16. What were you doing the last time you really felt you were living life to the fullest? Hiking with Stefan last Sunday.

17. Do you laugh just as loudly when you are alone? Yes.

18. Are you so overemotional that you are blind to what's really important? I'm not the emotional type.

20. Do you challenge yourself often? Not recently.

21. Do you seize each day? Not really.

22. Do you pay attention when opportunity knocks? Usually yes.

23. Do you love everyone and everything with your whole heart like you've never been hurt? Noooo.

24. Are you always trying to learn new things? I try to, but I'm lazy.

24b. Do you use excuses like 'I'm too tired' to keep from doing things? Sometimes.

25. If there was one thing you could do right now that would really make you feel alive what would it be? Go on vacaction. It wouldn't have to be far, although I'd love to go visit my cousins.

26. Why aren't you doing it? No money, fear of flying, no valid passport.

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