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I'm being lazy today. There is cold air flowing in from somewhere, but I can't fgure out where. I don't think anyone left a window open. My feet are freezing despite cherry-red knitted socks. I feel like I might be getting a cold. Ahh!

Health insurance finally wired the reimbursment so I can stop paying groceries with my piggy bank coins. I can also start signing up for classes for starting January/February. I'm fairly decided on an organic chemistry class that follows the chemistry class I took last year, but I haven't really decided on what to do for the other 80 points of credit. I will probably spend ten of those points doing the residential requirement of last year's course, the rest is still to be decided. I hope I can find something that I like and the parentals approve of.

Not very motivated to write today, I have been caught up reading Ian Rankin's books. The novels are indeed better than the shows.

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