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NaNo update - no, I haven't forgotten ;-)

At 78,235 words. It's more difficult the write the second part of the story. I have taken more time and effort for planning using the snowflake method, but I haven't written so much cohesive text yet. Much like my story Fallen From Grace, I'm writing sequentially right now. I'm thinking about adapting the snowflake approach to two of my stories in progress where I'm rather stuck. There is a bit about that on the website, so I might just give it a whirl - next month. I was going to post an update to Past Present (WaT) on, but while I can log in now, it doesn't let me upload anything.

My NaNoWriMo Progress

Someone posted the 4th season of Cold Squad and while I wouldn't call the show good, it's fine to watch while I write.

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