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NaNoWriMo total at 87,303 words. I'm satisfied despite not having beated my record. Last night was a bad pain night and I watched TV instead of writing. The original Ocean's Eleven movie from the sixties was on. George Clooney is no Frank Sinatra. *hides from flying objects*

Still having a back ache.

I'm hoing to the TGIO party tonight. I don't like parties in general, but there were a few interesting people at the last meeting and I need an excuse to go the big city and do some holiday shopping. I already looked up the train connections and Bro is going to drop me off at the station on his way to work. Otherwise, I'd be on the road for like three hours. Sometimes, not being able to drive sucks.

I finally uploaded the promised update of Past Present (WaT). I'm not sure how to wrap it up yet and I already have a new idea for a WaT story. I don't like the show as much as I used too. I think the first season was the best so far, but the characters still sneak into my brain.

nekosmuse, I got your card today. Thanks very much!

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