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Today, I seem to hate everything I write. So I did a meme instead.

1. Does your immediate family know you write fanfiction? (i.e. kids, spouse -- or parents if you still live at home)
My Mom knows I write fanfiction. The rest of my family knows that I write something, but they don't care what. I tried explaining the concept of fanfiction to Bro a few years ago when I borrowed his printer to print out a fic, but he didn't want to know.

2. Does your extended family know you write fanfiction?

Some of them, one of my cousins writes fanfiction as well.

3. Do you have people in RL that help you with your stories?

Ocassionally. There were a few medical students in our Bible study group back in college that I used to hit for advice on occasion.

4. Do you write for more than one fandom or stick to one?

I usually have a dominant fandom where I stay for a while. Right now it's Stargate Atlantis, but I'm also dabbling in Without a Trace and a few others.

5. Do you write "orignial" fiction as well? (i.e. non-fanfiction)

I wrote a few articles that actually got published, but I haven't attempted any original fiction.


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