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Today was my first day at the theater job. It's quite ok . The times there vary, we are having a performance on Thursday afternoon in a school, then the next on Saturday. I'm probably only going to work there until the end of next week, since I'm just stepping in. Tomorrow I'm in for some "field research" as Claudia, my boss called it. We are going to a restaurant where someone is going to show me how to waitress. That's going to be fun. If only we wouldn't start so early. She is going to pick me up at 7. So I should get to bed early. All in all it was good, but (ranting again) hopping from job to job sucks. Plus, I' so embarrassed about being in that play, if anyone who knows me ever sees this.
->note to self: quit being paranoid, it's a play for kids, you don't know anyone that age

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