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Fic: Zapped, Oernen

Title: Zapped
Author: Illman
Fandom: Oernen
Catergory: gen, H/C, friendship
Rating: FRT
Disclaimer: I don’t own any of them.
Summary: Uhm. Michael is fixing a computer at the office.
A/N: Written for the 2dozenowies challenge, prompt 10 - Electric Shock

Whoever had built this computer must have had very long, very thin fingers, Michael decided, trying to reach past the CD-drive and fumble the tiny plug into its socket.

“Michael, are you coming any time soon? We have been ready to start the meeting for ten minutes. Your coffee is getting cold.”

“Just a sec. I need to get the cooling fan hooked up, so I can get this baby up and running again.” Michael winced as he felt sharp metal slicing into his right thumb. Instinctively, he jerked back his hand when he was suddenly hit by a MAC truck that had come out of nowhere. Pain filled his entire body with such intensity that he couldn’t even breathe. The world titled in front of his eyes in a dizzying rush before everything went dark.


The ambulance should be here by now. How long can they take? Damn traffic! Today of all times.

A voice was tugging at his consciousness, dragging him back to awareness. The pain hit him with force, as the rest of his senses woke up. It felt as if every nerve in his body was on fire. He couldn’t open his eyes, he couldn’t move, he couldn’t even breathe. Panic surged through his dazed mind with the realization that he was about to die. He was going to suffocate!

He looks bad. Shouldn’t he be awake by now? I wish Ditte would say something, but she just looks all worried. If she’s worried, that can’t be good.

Something inside him snapped and suddenly air rushed into his lungs. Oxygen - it was the best thing he ever tasted.

Why didn’t he check properly before opening it. He knows better than that.

He knew better than what? What had he done? He had been so busy sucking air into his lungs that everything else had faded into the background.

His eyes flew open. Staring down at him were the concerned faces of Ditte and Marie.

Oh, thank God. For a moment I thought…He looked so dead.

“Hey, I don’t look that bad!” Michael protested.

“Michael!” Marie exclaimed and a smile spread over her face. What a relief! He looks confused. I hope he’s all right.

“I’m fine, I think.” Michael experimentally flexed one foot, then the other. He was a bit sore, but all in all, his limbs still seemed attached and the pain was ebbing away steadily. “What happened?”

Electrocuted. He got electrocuted. He should be dead. I can’t believe he is alive.

Michael turned his head and stared at Ditte.

It really looks like he’s going to be okay.

“I said, I’m all right. Now, help an old man up.”

Of course, he has to crack jokes after he nearly died. Typical.

Still, Ditte extended a hand and helped him up into a sitting position.

Michael stretched his muscles, detecting a faint ache lingering, but for someone who had been electrocuted, he felt surprisingly good. Looking past the smiling faces of Ditte and Marie, his gaze fell on the culprit who had caused his situation. The opened computer was sitting on the desk, right where he had been working on it, he recalled now. It must have zapped him good.

In the distance, he heard sirens approaching quickly.

Finally, the ambulance is here. I didn’t think they would ever get here.

“Ditte, how is he-?” Thank God, he’s awake. It wasn’t as bad as it looked.

“I’m fine. And why does everyone mention my looks today?”

Thea, Marie and Ditte were looking at him in puzzlement.

What’s he talking about? What if the shock did something to his head?

Oh, no, that’s probably not a good sign, him rambling like that. We could use that ambulance right about now.

“Are you sure you are all right? It was quite a jolt. You scared us all,” Ditte asked cautiously, as if she expected him to keel over again at any moment.

“Yeah, I think I’m fine,” Michael replied, not quite so sure. There was something wrong, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. “I feel like I have run a marathon.”

“An electric shock can do that to you. I think you should stay put; the ambulance should be here any minute.” Marie briefly touched his hand and a shiver ran through Michael, as if he had touched something humming with energy. He shook his head – this was definitely weird.

In the distance, the sound of sirens became audible and Michael could feel an overwhelming wave of relief wash over him, even though he hadn’t really been waiting for the paramedics to arrive. Maybe there really was something wrong with him. He was feeling stranger and stranger ever second.

It wasn’t just the sound of the ambulance, he could hear; there was something else, too. It sounded almost like voices talking, too faint for him to make out the words, but loud enough to register.

“Maybe I just need some fresh air.” Michael bit his tongue and pulled himself up to his feet, using the edge of the desk for leverage.

His legs wavered and then betrayed him completely. Michael was holding on to the edge of the desk, but the pull of gravity was too much and he toppled to the floor.

His muscles in rebellion, all he could do was observe the concerned faces of his co-workers.

The voices were overlapping, getting louder and louder to the point of screaming. They seemed to be directly inside his head, impossible to shut out. Michael squeezed his eyes shut and let the darkness overwhelm him.


The voices were gone. That was the first thing he became aware of. The terrible screams inside his head had stopped. The only thing he could hear now was a rhythmical beeping and a soft noise he recognized as the sound of pages being turned.

Michael let his eyes drift open and was greeted by pleasantly dimmed lights. He gingerly turned his head in the search for the source of the noise. To his left was Marie, sitting in a chair, her legs curled up underneath her. She was reading a book, turning the pages quickly, too quickly to be reading at normal speed. Maybe she has read the book before and was just refreshing its content.

Michael watched her for a while, delighting in the relative quiet inside his head.

Marie must have noticed his gaze on her somehow because she didn’t take long to put her book down. She looked up and they locked eyes for a moment.

“You are awake,” Marie stated the obvious, joy and surprise colouring her voice.

“I guess so.” Michael smiled. “What happened? My memory is a bit jumbled up.” In fact, he did recall agony and the screams before he had passed out, but the memory seemed unlikely, more something out of a nightmare.

“You were working on the computer when…when it zapped you. You were just lying there and we couldn’t get you to wake up…” Marie broke up and closed her eyes for a moment, regaining her composure. “It’s great to see you awake. Ditte said you are going to be fine. She’s spoken to the doctors. I don’t understand a word they are saying, but I guess what matters is that you are going to be okay.”

“Yeah.” Michael relaxed back into the pillow and listened to nothing more than the precious silence between beeps of the heart monitor. “I’ll be okay.”


Tags: 2dozenowies, challenge, fanfic, oernen

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