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New Projects

The holidays are over and while I skipped out on visiting the relatives, I did all right by my standards. Now there are only new year and my birthday to get through and I have another month before uni starts up again. Regarding uni, it turns out that in order to retake an exam from a previous year, the course point are again counted against the maximum amount of points I can take this year. It's either not resit the exam at all, which would be somewhat a waste since I took nine months of class already, or resit the exam and drop the practical block in the summer. The thing is, I don't need really need the course I failed, I can take another module instead, but I have to take the practical course in order to graduate some day. (like that is ever going to happen...)

I got nice presents all around. Some DVDs I wanted and lots of edibles, including dark chocolate and a big case of my favourite protein bars. Thanks to everyone who sent cards or goodies, you know who you are. They are very much appreciated.

I tend to get depressed when I don't have enough to do, so I started a new project, aside from fanfic related things. I haven't done very much with my server so far, aside from set up a web page which doesn't work. I found the admin panel for the server not handy for installing software. So I'm currently learning my way around linux. It took me half a day to install a java package, but I think I figured out the most basic commands. I think think that fuzzing around with a console is a major pain, but I'm learning. I really need to get this screen thingy installed because one console window just isn't enough. I'm the kind of user who can have 20-odd tabs open in opera.

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