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A few late new year's resolutions

Apologies, I have been neglecting my journal those last few days. Linux and my server have taken up most of my time with the result that I decided to shell out the extra bucks for running windows server edition. Either I'm too dumb for linux or some of the apps are just a pain :/ Making better use of the server I'm going to be stuck with for at least a year, although I didn't really get a good monthly rate plus the hard drive is a bit too big for my needs.

Another resolution is to either finish my started fanfictions or delete them from any and all archives. I have already started on the outstanding epiloge for my long-going WaT story.

This week there was a rather interesting article in the paper about a guy in Denmark who runs of a sort of temp agency for people with autism spectrum disorders. It really motivated me to get going again with social services / the job center.

In 2005, my psychiatrist had refered me to a social worker to advise me about special training schemes for the disabled. After my first talk didn't go very well as the social worker told me falt out that he thought I should go into inpatient treatment. I thought I wasn't doing so badly, but since my psychiatrist had been nagging me for month about going to a hospital for a while, I finally gave in. I hated the entire three months there and I still don't think that drumming and weaving baskets did anything, I did get a referal for a doctor specializing in autistic disorders. I didn't call her up until late 2006, but I did now. It's going to be a long road as she has different ideas for my meds than my psychiatrist who is still treating me for bipolar disorder. She has been nagging me for ages about rehabilitation. I didn't give it much thought since I'm attending college with modest success and I can't really stand to be away from familiar surroundings, but now I'm seriously motivated to at least take a closer look at what programmes I'd be eligible for. Also, I have learned that if my parents should received benefits for caring for a disabled child, I need to get the paperwork sorted before I'm tweny-five years old.

That's more than three years away, but I remeber how much paperwork and several evaluations it took to see get to see a social worker in the first place! I just hope that I don't chicken out before I get the ball rolling.

I really need to get to bed now. I need my energy to bake birthday cake tomorrow. Sadly, the Stargate Season 9 DVD box-set that was supposed to have been an X-Mas present still hasn't arrived. I suspect it might be lingering at customs.

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